Building better apps to help develop and recover cognitive, fine and gross motor skills


Traffic Controller 2

Traffic Controller 2 iPad App
A brain therapy game to recover cognitive, fine and gross motor skills.

This second generation of this highly addictive and engaging game even better than the first. As the air traffic controller, in charge of landing airplanes and helicopters on the runway and helipads, you must keep them from crashing and resetting your score.  Great music and sound effects encourage you on with applause to beat your best score.  It tracks your best score on each level and also tracks:
  • Speed of movement
  • Accuracy of touch
  • Accuracy of movement
And displays these metrics on an easy to read dashboard.  

mindMender GMS iPad App
A brain therapy workbook to help recover gross motor skills.

mindMender GMS is an electronic exercise book on the iPad designed to recover and learn gross motor skills. The user uses their finger tip or iPad stylus to trace the shapes on the iPad.  As the user traces the shapes data is collected about how well they stayed inside the shape.  The data is displayed on a graph for the user to see how they have progressed over time.  This app can be useful for early learning development and stroke or TBI motor skill recovery.

 mindMender GMS