mindMender Traffic Controller available soon

posted Mar 11, 2013, 4:54 PM by Mike Zachry   [ updated Mar 11, 2013, 4:54 PM ]
Just uploaded version 1.2 to the App Store.  Should be available in about a week.

Traffic Controller is designed for stroke and traumatic brain injury survivors to improve motor skills through entertaining and engaging repetitive exercises. It is designed for use with little to no assistance. The interface is uncluttered unlike commercial games the level of difficulty only changes when the users chooses a different level.  This allows the user to control the difficulty of the therapy.  A graph displays scores over time to gauge improvement.

New features in version 1.2 include:
  • Improved user interface for the graph
  • Implemented difficulty levels of Easy, Medium and Difficult
  • Levels of difficulty only increase by user action.
  • Improved the main game screen to display difficulty level
Here are new screenshots:


This version was submitted to the Apple App Store today and should be available in about a week.